Photo Art Friday – Path

Paths are great to photograph, but then what do they mean out of context. I have taken two photographs, the main one is of Cousin Gisela’s back yard and the other is of an old building in Zwolle – Netherlands.I used pdfa Lustrious Overlay with blending mode Multiply 100% opacity this gave texture to the sky area that was whitish, I then brushed out the texture from the rest of the photograph and brought in the building and lowered it’s opacity. A little fog was applied to the foreground.

Children's path


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Tutorial Tuesday – Animated GIF

I have never attempted to make an animated GIF, so it was a challenge to find some photographs that I could animate. Also I use PSE10 so I had to follow tutorials designed for Elements. I also found one that used the same background and just moved an element in the background..this is the second image (Shutterstock images used).

Lake Wendouree

If this is not animated click on the image. The next image is of a fixed background.

Somersaults at the beach

If you notice the background remains the same with the girl somersaulting across the beach.

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L1. Background

L2. Background

L3. Girl

L4. Duplicate the background

L5. Duplicate girl in a different position

L6. Duplicate background

L7.  Duplicate girl in a different position

L8. Duplicate the background

Now layers have to be merged, merge L2&3. L4&5. L6&7

Photo Art Friday – Autobiographical

I don’t think there is a canvas large enough to put everything on to it. But there are some elements – the word cook-now that can having lots of meanings. The wine cooler that doubles as a kitchen utensil holder, the small paper boat (sailing), a flowers and the whorl (sewing).

I used  Art Easy Sheer Moonlight.


Tutorial Tuesday – Panning

Oh what a challenge, my point and shoot refuses do this type of photography. But I was saved my March/April edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements arrived in the mail and there was an article on how to fake panning.  So I had a go and this is the result.

Fake Panning





L3.Reload your saved selection -Selection-Load Selection OK. Shift-Ctrl_I to inverts              selection then Crtl-X to cut the selection from blurred layer. This places a clear image of the boy over the blurred.

L2 Background copy, I selected the boy using quick select and lasso tools.  Save the selection  (under Select Tab) then create copy (Ctrl-J) on new layer. Next Filter/Blur/    Motion use slides to obtain desired effect remember the angle is important.

L1 Background


You can select the background instead of the subject.




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Photo Art Friday – Green

Bonnie has given us a free choice this week to post an image that we would hang on the wall or something with “green” in it.  yestaerday I was out in the garden, camera in hand taking shots of rain drops on leaves.  Not sure of the name of this plant but has the structure of a yucca but the leaves are brown-tones.  As I have been playing with a recipe for creating photochrome images I played with this technique and then added pdfa simply swirls, this texture emphasized some green.

Brown Yucca


The link for the tutorial I was using is  you will need to play with the opacities.

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Tutorial Tuesday – Vintage (photochrome)

Well this has had me going most of the day, I had to find a tutorial for PSE, and then it was finding out if it was going to give me the effect. I changed a few things as I found the brown effect was not working. I think I still have a little too much and would appreciate comments. The photograph was taken two years ago in Zwolle, Netherlands (my husbands home town). this is the link I looked, it does not give a full over all vintage effect. I will try this later when I figure out the adjustments that cannot be done in Elements.


Vintage (Photchrome)



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Quotography – Green

The challenge this week to find a quote relating to “Green” and apply it to a photograph that must be taken by yourself. Late February, Henk and I drove to Stanthorpe in Queensland, a two day trip but it was worth it.  When we had to stop for road repairs I would get the camera out and take a shot from the car window.  This is one of those shots and a quote from Federico Garcia Lorca a 17th Century Spanish poet.



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Photo Art Friday – Choice

Bonnie has given us a choice this week, something that is hidden or just a piece of art work. I have completed two from photographs I took this week at Lake Bonney capturing the sunset, although the first is of the moon rising


L1.Simply Abstract texture Blending Mode Normal 100% opacity

L2 Photograph Blending Normal 100% opacity

L3  Simply Abstract texture Blending Mode Colour Burn 78% opacity

L4.Excuse Me texture Blending Mode Overlay 100% opacity


The recipe for this image is fairly long, so I will abbreviate. I used the same textures, but I had already created the image in the background from two photographs one is the photograph in the above image and then I added another of the lake. I ran this image through Filter Forge Creations/Shattered Glass filter. I have then added the same textures from above.

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