Tutorial Tuesday – Panning

Oh what a challenge, my point and shoot refuses do this type of photography. But I was saved my March/April edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements arrived in the mail and there was an article on how to fake panning.  So I had a go and this is the result.

Fake Panning





L3.Reload your saved selection -Selection-Load Selection OK. Shift-Ctrl_I to inverts              selection then Crtl-X to cut the selection from blurred layer. This places a clear image of the boy over the blurred.

L2 Background copy, I selected the boy using quick select and lasso tools.  Save the selection  (under Select Tab) then create copy (Ctrl-J) on new layer. Next Filter/Blur/    Motion use slides to obtain desired effect remember the angle is important.

L1 Background


You can select the background instead of the subject.




To view other participant’s work click on the icon in the sidebar.  Cheers

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