Photo Art Friday – My Own Choice

This week Australia and New Zealand celebrated ANZAC Day. My husband served in Vietnam with 5RAR C Coy. This year the Company was invited to lead the march in Portland Victoria Australia. It was also a chance for the “boys” to get together and it was an intimate group.  Portland has a memorial garden for those that served and died in Vietnam and this is the focus of my image this week.

I used pdfa Bluebells texture to add some blue highlights to the dark granite and Jupiter Dust to give some fading and softness to the bamboo background.

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Quotography – Hobby

A hobby is defined as an activity that one does for pleasure. Taking photographs is a hobby to me and I love being able to capture that  one moment in time.  The photograph I am featuring was taken this month in the Botanical Gardens, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. The quote is from Henry David Thoreau.

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Tutorial Tuesday – Low Key

I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this, after wandering around the house I settled on the office and as my model was still snoring away I used a very large tiger head (husband’s mascot from his military days). I used my laptop as the light source and lowered the exposure on my camera. I processed the image in Topaz Lab Black and White Opalotype filter.


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Quotography – Happiness

I added this Haiku verse (my first attempt) to a photograph taken several weeks ago when I was trying to capture street scenes. It was taken of a young girl running towards her father on a reserve.


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Photo Art Friday

This week’s challenge is to incorporate a quote or poem into our images, I have used Dream Wonder and Statement textures and applied a poem about “Driftwood” – author unknown and added a photograph of some driftwood, applied Topaz Lab Black and White Opalotype filter, then a blue layer with a Blending Mode -Luminosity. I also played with the hue/saturation and levels on the textures.



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Tutorial Tuesdays – Double Exposure

While double exposures are impossible with a digital camera, the effect can be obtained in any photo editing software. I used two photographs taken this week while in Ballarat, Victoria. The top layer is the pond at the Bird Sanctuary and the other image is a statue in the Botanical Gardens.  The opacity and blending has been changed in the photograph of the statue.

Double exposure


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Tutorial Tuesdays – Reflectors

The challenge is to use a reflector, as I do not have one I did a little research and one make-shift item you can use is a car reflector. So after I persuaded my model I took two shots, one without the reflector and one with. I had Henk stand with his back to the sun and I place the reflector to one side. Not sure if this achieved the desired effect, but it was interesting.  I also tried wearing a white t-shirt there was very little change. It was hard for Henk not to squint as he wears glasses.




Using the car’s sun reflector.

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