Tutorial Tuesday – Conversion to Black and White

This week’s tutorial is to convert a colour photograph to black and white, I used two methods one to convert image to black and white in Lightroom, play with the highlights and blacks.

This second one is altered in PSE10 by first adding a Hue and Saturation Adjustment level with no alterations, then adding a second H/S Adjustment Level and sliding the Saturation slider all the way to the left. The next step was to select the second layer change the blending mode to Colour and then move the Hue slider until you have the effect you want, in this step the Hue is working on the black and whites from the 3rd layer.

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Photo Art Friday – Line, Angles and Graphic Elements

Bonnie’s challenge was to play with lines etc this week, I do take photographs of the outline of buildings against the skyline and sometimes they sit in my files until the opportunity comes along to play with them. Bonnie also released some new textures this week and I am excited about them..gorgeous.

Ballarat Skyline

Textures used after playing with the Hue and Saturation…pdpa Blue Skies (Screen 74% opacity), and pdpa La Vie en Rose (Pin Light 100% opacity).

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Tutorial Tuesday – Direct Sunlight

This week’s tutorial is to shoot into direct sunlight with the subject’s back to the sun, normally this would cast shadows, but the way to rectify this is to use a flash if you have a aim and shoot digital camera. Of course there are light meters and reflectors, but I do not have this equipment. I like the challenge to do the tutorials with my camera. I have not used Lightroom to change the exposure etc on the following images.

The first is of my sweetheart.

This second one is a before and after shot of my garden angel.

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