Texture Tuesday – White

This week Kim Klassen has offered her new texture “Happy Heart” (also offered in Weekend Texture – just a little doubling up) to use in her challenge of photographing something white, I guess anything goes as she claims that photographing something in her “White” room qualifies. I am using an image of bones that I photographed just outside of Cullulleraine last week. I used the Happy Heart texture and then placed the image in Topaz Lab Black and White filter, and created an abstract image of the bones.


Tutorial Tuesdays – Dragan

I have seen this effect on portraits but never really gave it much consideration until this week.  So Henk very kindly allowed me to use his photograph, I had to weed out the crazy faces until I settled on a side profile.  I did all the editing in Topaz Labs Black and White filter and then a touch of HDR in Adjust 5.

Dragan technique

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Photo Art Friday – Layer Mask

Bonnie has asked us to submit a photograph where we have used one of her textures and used a layer mask to reveal some of the photograph underneath. I have chosen a hibiscus from my garden and Bonnie’s texture “Splendid”. I have desaturated the hibiscus.

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Tutorial Tuesdays-wallpaper

This week the tutorial is to place a background behind a photograph giving it an entire new look.  I have chosen a photograph I took recently of a vase of flowers and a paper from mcmeen briseis collection.  And followed the tutorial but did not add a skirting board as the vase was sitting on a table.  To view other participants click on button in right hand sidebar.

I did have one problem of where the wall paper and the table met, so please excuse this mistake and would appreciate advise on how you would have treated this ares.

Vase of Flowers


Been playing with Nancy Donaldson’s textures her recipe is to take three textures and three photographs and have fun blending then together.  her textures can be found on her Flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/nancydonaldson/6650276229/ .  Check out Nancy’s blog for ideas http://allpulpedout.blogspot.com.au/




L1 Texture 683900961 Blending mode Multiply 100%

L2 Photograph of bull statue

L3 Photograph of wire baskets

Both layers at Blending mode of Hard Light

L4 Bull repeated at Blending Mode of Difference

L5 Texture 6425743383 Blending Mode Hard Light

L6 Texture 6757933075 Blending Mode Multiply 70%

L7 Photograph of native irises from garden  Blending Mode Multiply 72%

L8 Texture 675933075 Blending Mode Multiply 70%

Merged layers

L10 Photograph of native irises from garden Blending Mode Multiply 72%