Tutorial Tuesday – Animated GIF

I have never attempted to make an animated GIF, so it was a challenge to find some photographs that I could animate. Also I use PSE10 so I had to follow tutorials designed for Elements. I also found one that used the same background and just moved an element in the background..this is the second image (Shutterstock images used).

Lake Wendouree

If this is not animated click on the image. The next image is of a fixed background.

Somersaults at the beach

If you notice the background remains the same with the girl somersaulting across the beach.

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L1. Background

L2. Background

L3. Girl

L4. Duplicate the background

L5. Duplicate girl in a different position

L6. Duplicate background

L7.  Duplicate girl in a different position

L8. Duplicate the background

Now layers have to be merged, merge L2&3. L4&5. L6&7

4 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday – Animated GIF

  1. Very nice .GIFs! I especially like the one where the background is still and the girl tumbles across the beach. It seems a bit more difficult, as I am a beginner, but I just might have to give it a try!

  2. VERY cool with the background perfectly still!! I really enjoyed this tutorial!! I had to figure out how to do mine in elements as well. 🙂 GREAT job!

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