Photo Art Friday – Moving

While in Adelaide this week I went to the Japanese Garden, it was a lovely Spring Day, lots of photographs were taken, I decided the ducks were rather cute and deserved some treatment. I first used Bonnie’s great technique of using the  Filter Artistic/Poster edges and Filter Sketch/find Edges in Photoshop. I then carried on by:-

1.Using Soft Light Blending- 100%

2. Duplicated the layer and used Screen Blending Mode at 100%

3. These two layers were placed over  pdpa Nitty Gritty at Pin Light 100% – this was my bottom layer with pdpa Simply Urban Grunge – Overlay 100% above this.

4. Merged layers and used a Topaz Lab filter Adjust 5/Toned Collection/Black Rose added a layer mask and brushed away some areas.


Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to see other participant’s work at Photo Art Friday.