Quotography – Green

The challenge this week to find a quote relating to “Green” and apply it to a photograph that must be taken by yourself. Late February, Henk and I drove to Stanthorpe in Queensland, a two day trip but it was worth it.  When we had to stop for road repairs I would get the camera out and take a shot from the car window.  This is one of those shots and a quote from Federico Garcia Lorca a 17th Century Spanish poet.



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13 thoughts on “Quotography – Green

  1. C’est avec plaisir que je découvre vos talents de photographe Kaylene!
    je me suis attardée sur votre blog pour admirer vos images !
    J’aime la simplicité de la photo que vous avez choisie
    pour illustrer le thème de cette semaine !
    Bravo ! Amicalement Mary.kg

  2. Another blog? Pretty soon we won’t know where to find you! This is a beautiful study in green, Kaylene. The quote is a perfect accompaniment.

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