New Direction for 2022

Sometimes I think my photography has got bogged down in the chase of competition photos instead of doing what pleases me. So this year no more camera club competitions. When I do my walks along the beach or anywhere I try to find what is different in the environment, so these “quirky” photographs are going to feature in this years postings.

This image was taken on a windy evening at Middleton Beach, the wave was receding and I was intrigued by the ripples the wind was creating between the sand patterns caused by waves overtime.

South Coast Camera Club – 2018


Goolwa Beach

Leaving Home

Sunrise Goolwa Beach

Anatomy of Sunflower


Cactus Flower

Sunset Play


The Bridge

Surf Street Rock Pools



Boat Reflection

Butterfly and Bee

Walking the Dogs



Alone at the Docks

Agave #1


Sunrise Goolwa


Country Sunrise

White Poppy

Open Doorway

Winter Sunrise Goolwa Beach


Waiting for the Tide

Middleton Tide Pool

Within the Seed Pod


Looking into the Past



Butterfly on Lavender


Lonely Cirrus

Sunrise on Middleton Beach


Light Thro’ the Rust Chaos

Stormy Sunset

Tide Pool



Sunset Port Adelaide

Power of the Wave

Swimming Anemone


Touch of Sunlight

November End of Year

Power of the Wave (Top Digital Image of the Year)

Middleton Beach (mention in EOY Landscape/Seascape)

The Daily Post – Fishing – Story

Mundoo Channel is a popular spot as a jumping off place for those who love to fish in the channel. This was taken just before sunrise as several boats were getting ready to leave the landing. Submitted for the The Daily Post Challenge – Story

While these boats went up stream one boat went down stream and drifted with the tide.



View of channel downstream.


South Coast Camera Club 2016


March – Bad hair Day (after style of Andy Warhol)


Wading Ibis

Beach DrawingMaalste

Beach Drawing


April – Looking (Member’s Choice and Merit)

Kaylene MaalstePrint


New Holland Honey Eater

May – New England Honey Eater (Honour)

Spray mask

Spray Mask (Merit)

Rushton Angel

Rushton’s Angel


June – Webs (Merit)



Psychedelic Cocktail

 Psychedelic Cocktail (Merit)

Orange slices

July – Orange Slices

Tulips border



August – Drought ( Merit)

Compilation of two photographs main image is the underside of a sand dollar and the other image is of a cloudy sky.


Set Subject – Pelicans- Are we looking good


Is this my Better Side



September Set Subject – A Painterly Scene


Shadows on Big Bend


October – Mono- Approaching Storm (Honours)


Set Subject – A Painterly Self Portrait

Loch Luna Kangaroos


October 3rd

November was the judging for Best image of the year and Trophy Night with various categories. The end of the year photographs were from images presented throughout the year that had received a score of 7 or higher. So I will only post images for the trophies.

Trophy for Creative Photography:

Drought (runner up)




Lens Play

Trophy for Sky


Landscape in Sky


Stormy Sky


Stormy Sunset

Trophy for Social Narrative


Sharing with Mates



Trophy for Land/Seascape


Long Point Coorong


Along the Great Ocean Road

My Tulips was a runner up in the Open Digital Section:

Tulips border

Photo Art Friday – Moving

While in Adelaide this week I went to the Japanese Garden, it was a lovely Spring Day, lots of photographs were taken, I decided the ducks were rather cute and deserved some treatment. I first used Bonnie’s great technique of using the  Filter Artistic/Poster edges and Filter Sketch/find Edges in Photoshop. I then carried on by:-

1.Using Soft Light Blending- 100%

2. Duplicated the layer and used Screen Blending Mode at 100%

3. These two layers were placed over  pdpa Nitty Gritty at Pin Light 100% – this was my bottom layer with pdpa Simply Urban Grunge – Overlay 100% above this.

4. Merged layers and used a Topaz Lab filter Adjust 5/Toned Collection/Black Rose added a layer mask and brushed away some areas.


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Tutorial Tuesday – Watermark

This is the last week of Tutorial Tuesday, I am sorry to see the end as I have learnt so much and this week tutorial was creating watermarks. It is so important to add a watermark to your work as there are plenty of people who will use  someone’ s work  and call it their own.

I have created several one for my photography and another for my collage designs. This photograph was taken last week after it rained, I edited it in PSE10 by layer in the Adjustment Layers and Filters.

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Tutorial Tuesday – Lens Free

What a challenge, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was startling. The first photograph was taken inside with all the lights turned on in the room and is an antique lamp that has been converted to electricity so the orange is the light from the globe. The second set were taken outside this morning no sunshine to speak of.  I had a lot of black images.

Leaf pattern on glass shade on lantern.

No editing SOOC

Edited in Lightroom to remove some of the grain

Angel Statue, edited in Lightroom and Topaz Lab

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Photo Art Friday – Container(s)

This week  – I took a lot of garden shots this week and have this Eucalyptus that does not have flowers but has an intriguing pod (my containers). With my edit, I did some basic editing in Lightroom for exposure etc and then went to PSE10. I have edited the shot to make it abstract by

1. Filter Artistic/Poster edges -Multiply 70%

2. Filter Sketch/Halftone -Soft Light 100%

3. added a texture by Pixel Dust  called pdpa Jupiters Dust at Vivid Light 100%

4. added a duplicate of the texture at Multipy 100% added a layer mask and brought back only certain areas.

Original Photograph:


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