Photo Art Friday – Choice

Bonnie has given us a choice this week, something that is hidden or just a piece of art work. I have completed two from photographs I took this week at Lake Bonney capturing the sunset, although the first is of the moon rising


L1.Simply Abstract texture Blending Mode Normal 100% opacity

L2 Photograph Blending Normal 100% opacity

L3  Simply Abstract texture Blending Mode Colour Burn 78% opacity

L4.Excuse Me texture Blending Mode Overlay 100% opacity


The recipe for this image is fairly long, so I will abbreviate. I used the same textures, but I had already created the image in the background from two photographs one is the photograph in the above image and then I added another of the lake. I ran this image through Filter Forge Creations/Shattered Glass filter. I have then added the same textures from above.

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14 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Choice

  1. Both pieces are really interesting. The 2nd one did remind me of people dancing.
    My favorite is the 1st piece though, it’s fabulous.

  2. Such creative pieces. You make great choices in your editing process Kaylene! Thank you for sharing your art with PAF.

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