Photo Art Friday – Negative Space

Bonnie is talking negative space, well it took me ages to find a photograph that fitted the description. She also gave us a new texture to play with, so I had a play.

I played in Lightroom and then PSE10 here I just boosted the Adjustment levels.

The actual photograph I applied Find Edges filter and then overlaid with Bonnie’s new texture and used it several times at different blending modes and opacities. It is a bit of a pun about the quote, there are three birds at different levels, so one has to wait to step up the ladder (sorry).

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11 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Negative Space

  1. These are both delightful – and so different. Love the transparency in the petals of the rose(s) – just beautiful! I also like how you use the texture (in the second image) to create a window on the abstracted subject matter. Very creative. Thanks for sharing your work with Photo Art Friday, Kaylene.

  2. I agree with Bonnie, these are both wonderful and in different ways. I love the sunlight through the petals on the floral piece and the piece with the birds is so serene.

  3. Photography is so artistic, and you have shared two exciting images, each a different format, and each so beautiful. I love the angle and light on the flower. The bird photo looks almost like a hand embroidery work, with an overlay, and is very creative – great colors.

    p.s. You’ll love your Nikon D5100! 🙂

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