Photo Art Friday – Black and White

Bonnie’s challenge was to play with black and white this week, I am always constantly surprised by the effects that occur when you play around with programs. I use Lightroom4 and PSE10 which does not have channel mixers etc, but I do have a plug in from Elements+. I was reading several articles on converting colour images to black and white and there was mention of the Split Channels (red, green and blue) and how you can utilize these channels. So I have been playing around. The first image of the ornamental grass from my garden is of the blue channel with pdpa Cool Breeze texture at Blending mode – Multiply 100% opacity.

This second image is of a red rose (sadly my roses are coming to an end), I have used the red channel with pdpa Mother Love texture.

 Also I was playing with the RAW features of my camera and love it when you edit in Lightroom.

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9 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Black and White

  1. Your research and experimentation has really paid off Kaylene. I like both these B&Ws, but the ornamental grasses are stunning! Love the soft hint of colour in the background. Thank you for sharing your artwork and your process with Photo Art Friday!

  2. Oh! A new camera! Very exciting! I use the one down from that, the D3100. I love these images you’ve made here, especially that first one, I like the hints of colour very much, beautiful 🙂

  3. Wonderful pieces. The piece with the Grass is just delightful. It reminds me of being at the ocean and seeing the grass swaying in the breeze. The hint of color is a nice surprise.

  4. roses bloom all year long in CA and I love it. No matter what time of the year there is always some kind that blooms 🙂
    anyway, I love your shots! I think I mentioned it on somebody’s else blog but I think that black and white pictures of flowers have something beautiful in them. something different. your shot is beautiful

  5. These are really nice. The grasses have just a hint of dark blue to temper the black and white. My roses are in full swing so you must be in Australia or Siuth America.

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