Been playing with Nancy Donaldson’s textures her recipe is to take three textures and three photographs and have fun blending then together.  her textures can be found on her Flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/nancydonaldson/6650276229/ .  Check out Nancy’s blog for ideas http://allpulpedout.blogspot.com.au/




L1 Texture 683900961 Blending mode Multiply 100%

L2 Photograph of bull statue

L3 Photograph of wire baskets

Both layers at Blending mode of Hard Light

L4 Bull repeated at Blending Mode of Difference

L5 Texture 6425743383 Blending Mode Hard Light

L6 Texture 6757933075 Blending Mode Multiply 70%

L7 Photograph of native irises from garden  Blending Mode Multiply 72%

L8 Texture 675933075 Blending Mode Multiply 70%

Merged layers

L10 Photograph of native irises from garden Blending Mode Multiply 72%



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