Photo Art Friday – Our Choice

I have chosen to use Bonnie’s new texture “Ephemeral” with a shot of a dandelion seed caught in a spider’s web in my garden.




L1. Texture at Normal Blending mode 100% opacity

L2. Photograph at Normal Blending mode 100% opacity

L3. Photograph at Multiply Blending mode 100% opacity

L5. Texture at Hard Light Blending mode 100% opacity

You can view other participants by clicking on the button on the right hand sidebar.  Thank you

17 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Our Choice

  1. I, too, agree with Margaret – you have made a wonderful marriage of photo and texture Kaylene. Love the softness and sense of depth in this piece. Thank you for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday!

  2. I like this a lot….nearly abstract with a hidden ‘message’ to find.

    Today, I have two art pieces….one church and one iris. You’ll need to scroll down a bit on my blog entry to view. Do come by and visit if you can find time. CLICK HERE Have a great Friday.

  3. This is fabulous. I bet the original shot was great too. The web looks so delicate and the play of the light makes it especially beautiful. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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