Photo Art Friday – Container(s)

This week  – I took a lot of garden shots this week and have this Eucalyptus that does not have flowers but has an intriguing pod (my containers). With my edit, I did some basic editing in Lightroom for exposure etc and then went to PSE10. I have edited the shot to make it abstract by

1. Filter Artistic/Poster edges -Multiply 70%

2. Filter Sketch/Halftone -Soft Light 100%

3. added a texture by Pixel Dust  called pdpa Jupiters Dust at Vivid Light 100%

4. added a duplicate of the texture at Multipy 100% added a layer mask and brought back only certain areas.

Original Photograph:


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10 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Container(s)

  1. You’ve created another beautiful abstract, Kaylene! Love the tones. Seed pods are such vital containers. Thanks for sharing with PAF!

  2. Interesting container choice and wonderful editing effects. You seem to know your way around your editing programs well enough to creat some unique and fun effects. I like this one very much. I have been here often, though I don’t always have time to comment. I enjoy your work and your blog. And, I keep wanting to ask how you came to the name “Gum Nut” … just curious 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Such a different perspective on the container theme but very effective and nicely processed. I’ve never seen a Eucalyptus pod either and found it rather fascinating.

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