Photo Art Friday – Moving

While in Adelaide this week I went to the Japanese Garden, it was a lovely Spring Day, lots of photographs were taken, I decided the ducks were rather cute and deserved some treatment. I first used Bonnie’s great technique of using the  Filter Artistic/Poster edges and Filter Sketch/find Edges in Photoshop. I then carried on by:-

1.Using Soft Light Blending- 100%

2. Duplicated the layer and used Screen Blending Mode at 100%

3. These two layers were placed over  pdpa Nitty Gritty at Pin Light 100% – this was my bottom layer with pdpa Simply Urban Grunge – Overlay 100% above this.

4. Merged layers and used a Topaz Lab filter Adjust 5/Toned Collection/Black Rose added a layer mask and brushed away some areas.


Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to see other participant’s work at Photo Art Friday.


10 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Moving

  1. You have achieved wonderful results here! I made a note of your techniques (thanks for posting them) and will try some of them. This looks a bit like an etching- i really like the soft delicate lines and subdued colour. Congratulations! I must get busy and practise:)

  2. Oh my … this is an exquisite piece, Kaylene. It truly looks like a pencil etching. You certainly have all the right digital ‘moves’!!! Thank you for sharing the piece and the steps you took to create it with us all at Photo Art Friday.

  3. oh Kaylene!!! I love the photo and all you shared about HOW you did it. I still get a little dizzy, like watching people coming off a rollercoaster, when I read the steps, but lately I have noticed that I have steps I follow too, just in Picasa, mostly, and that it’s NOT about which program I use but how I played in the process!! you’ve reminded me to keep that front and center. thanks!!

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