Photo Art Friday – Improbable

Bonnie gave us the challenge to use two or  more improbable images. I think I may have taken this too far, but I had a bit of fun with a photograph of my cat and a vase of flowers, I used “Drips of Degas” as my texture.


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13 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Improbable

  1. This is the first PAF image that has ever made me burst into loud laughter!!! Love it! Bet you had fun doing it too. Sometimes it feels good not to take things too seriously. I’m so happy you shared this with Photo Art Friday Kaylene. I really needed a good laugh today.

  2. Oh my, how clever! And what a fabulous collage too! I hope your cat doesn’t feel he’s been turned into a blooming idiot…. :o)

  3. How far is too far … you couldn’t have done it any better. I struggled with how to deal with this prompt and didn’t come close to the originality you did. Great job … I would love to see how your cat looks when he isn’t wearing a flower 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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