Photo Art Friday – A Choice

Bonnie is allowing us to post something that we like, well she gave us a new texture pdpa vintage craquelure, so I just had to play. I took a photograph of a bunch of flowers I received this week, applied the texture at Hard Light 93% and then duplicated the layer and flipped it vertically and changed the opacity to 54%, added a blue colour adjustment layer. I used Rablab filter Lights On to brighten the image.


With this photograph I desaturated the image which is mainly of a sunrise and applied the texture at Hard Light.

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5 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – A Choice

  1. One so bright, one so sombre – both lovely. Thank you for sharing your work with Photo Art Friday, Kaylene. Re the color – you could do a slight levels adjustment or hue/sat adjustment on the texture to remove some of the intensity.

  2. I like what you did with these photos – especially the flowers. It really was a great texture to work with!

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