Photo Art Friday – Bokeh

Bonnie’s challenge was to play with bokeh etc this week.,

Bugle Hut School


L1. Golden Bokeh (Normal Blending)

L2. School House (Normal Blending)

L3. Golden Bokeh (Normal Blending) brushed out bokeh on building.

L4. Monet Skies (Overlay Blending) brushed out some texture on building and sky.

Bokeh Pears

Pears photographed on white paper adjustments made in Lightroom and a soft pink filter applied, then  Golden Bokeh applied.

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9 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Bokeh

  1. Both beautiful Kaylene – with your deft touch in editing. I am especially drawn to the Bugle Hut School which is a haunting and lovely piece of art. I’m sure it carries some important symbolism for you given the tragic circumstances you are going through. I’m touched that you have linked up with Photo Art Friday during this difficult time. Take care of yourself.

  2. Lucky you with the new camera! I love your pears and the building..if I had to choose a favorite, I couldn’t….and I’ve seen and admired your other work on other website…all are very distinctive..

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