Photo Art Friday – Book Cover

Bonnie’s challenge was to take a favourite book and apply this to one of her textures such as pdpa Blank page. I had to think hard and long, then I remember a photo I took back in 2003 while on a holiday in Maine with my friend who took me to see a covered bridge.  In the past I enjoyed reading Waller’s “Bridges of Madison County”, so I decided to see if I could bring the two together.

I altered the original photograph with KK’s Wonderful Magic texture, then I played with pdpa Inkblotter as the first layer at Darken blending mode 100% opacity, I added pdpa Blank Page over this at Normal blending 100% opacity, added my covered bridge and then placed pdpa Birth of Light over this at blending mode of Saturation 100% opacity. Added the text. Then using the colour replacement brush added a reddish colour to the roof. My final touch was to use Topaz Labs Adjust 5 filter to brighten up the features.

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17 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Book Cover

  1. Oh yes … such a romantic book … and movie. What a stellar piece of work here Kaylene. Impressive! The publishers should use your image for the cover of their next release of this book!

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