Tutorial Tuesdays – Reflectors

The challenge is to use a reflector, as I do not have one I did a little research and one make-shift item you can use is a car reflector. So after I persuaded my model I took two shots, one without the reflector and one with. I had Henk stand with his back to the sun and I place the reflector to one side. Not sure if this achieved the desired effect, but it was interesting.  I also tried wearing a white t-shirt there was very little change. It was hard for Henk not to squint as he wears glasses.




Using the car’s sun reflector.

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4 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesdays – Reflectors

  1. And I think it worked too! To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what a car reflector is! What I like about your result is it doesn’t look like it was an overwhelming amount of light, but enough to help direct the focus of the photograph to Henk’s face rather than let it blend as much in with the background.

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