Quotography – Spiritual

This is not in my comfort zone, so I had to think about a saying and a photograph. Several days ago a snail had crawled up my window in our office and stayed there, so I just picked up by camera and took a black and white shot.  Did not think about it until I read this weeks challenge. So I created a black mask around the image and added a saying which has no reference.



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3 thoughts on “Quotography – Spiritual

  1. Have you ever felt the feeling that you want to cry out your heart.. Your photo with text on give me that feeling – Beautiful and shows it is worth to try again and continue the road you startet no matter how hard it is.

    And for the snail – I guess it need a good rest before it snails on 😀

  2. I think a snail is a very appropriate shot for the quote. For what else but a snail labors so long to get to its destination? If it gave up hope, it would never get there! 🙂 Love your composition for this one.

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