Photo Art Friday – Surprise

Bonnie has asked to post an image that we were surprised with when we did some editing.  I could say that for almost photograph that I play with. In this edit, I started with a photograph of my fish pond when the fish were feeding, added the great new texture “Gold Room”, nothing much happened so I added a photograph of a scene looking down a narrow street with arches (Shutterstock image), created a sketch in ARKVIS and then played with blending modes.  Also I cut a section out of the texture and laid this on top and added some birds.  Just a little spooky.

Bonnie also gave us an example of what happens when you collaged photographs and passed them through the Filter – Distort – Wave, so I had to try that as well.  I used four photographs from around the house, put them on a black background and “waved”. Saved this image and then put it back onto another black background in different positions and “waved” and finally overlaid with texture “Medieval Magic”.  So here are my results.





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10 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Surprise

  1. Your first piece is really unique and rather fascinating. I love how you can see an outline of one of your fish on the right side of the piece. The “wave” effects are pretty cool. I sort of played a bit with the same thing in Gimp but didn’t post as I haven’t gotten anything yet I like. My post is still a surprise to me though.

  2. What great work Kaylene! So glad you shared your process – made up of great editing selections. My fav is the second abstract! Thank you for sharing your art work with Photo Art Friday.

  3. Really like the first one the best… but, only a preference, right? You did a great job with the “wavy” stuff – haven’t tried that yet myself. Great work. Thanks, karen

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