Photo Art Friday – Abstract

I had fun creating this abstract art-the challenge was to take three pieces from photographs, collage them and use one of Pixel Dust’s textures. Below is the position of the original elements used in the composition.


Pomegranate, glass paper weights, wood




According to the layers in my PSD file, the elements remained at 100 opacity and Normal Blending Mode until I merged the images and ran the image through Topaz Lab Ajust 5 filter (HDR and applied posterizing). The background to the image is a close-up of the pomegranate sliced in half.  I think I have also applied the texture, but I moved it so I am not sure of the blending and opacity settings.

I went back to the original layer with a copy of the glass paper weight in the LHS and distorted it  with a little twirl, duplicated it and placed it in the opposite corner.  This glass weight was also placed below the distorted image.  I applied the texture using blending mode of Saturation and 100% opacity as the final layer.

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12 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Abstract

  1. Looks like you might have used “tangled tendrils” in part of the composite; very nice abstract. Very interesting way to do it by first collaging the three items, then working with the piece. It turned out lovely. I haven’t used any of the “labs” yet for modifications but have one to upload onto my computer if I ever get the chance. LOL – Thanks so much for sharing. Karen

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