Traeger’s Farm

Using the theme “Story” and one of Kim Klassen’s textures for Tuesday Texture I have chosen Traeger’s Farm at Hamilton, South Australia as the basis of my story.  My husband worked here as a young teenager 50 years ago.  Three years ago we took a drive through the area and were able to drive onto the property.  These are the ruins of the milking sheds. The construction of the sheds is typical rural Australia, were local stones from the paddocks were used for the walls, the beams and struts are from local trees and the roof was thatched.



L1 Texture “Light Paper” at 100% opacity and Normal Blending

L2 Photogrpah at 100% and Overlay Blending

L 3 Selected all layers applied the Copy Merge and Paste under Edit, applied BuzSim in Topaz Lab Simplify 3 filter

L4 “Light Paper” over L3 at 100% opacity and Soft Light Blending.

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