Photo Art Friday – Three

Bonnie’s challenge was around the number three/s or to use one of her new textures.  I have combined both and used pdpa Off Kilter.




Layer 1. Texture at Hard Light-100% opacity

Layer2. Fish Blending Mode Overlay- 100% opacity

Layer 3 cut out of fish  repositioned and smaller Blending mode – Normal-100% opacity

Layer 4 cut out of fish converted to a shadow

Credit: Balistapus-undulatus from Wikipedia Commons

Background pdpa Off Kilter by Pixel Dust

8 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Three

  1. Love your subject choice Kaylene… and the edit is beautiful!

    Lord only knows what murky depths the poor trigger fish would’ve had to swim through if I had edited the same photo!! – That might be worth playing with over at Digital Whisper? Lol!

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