Photo Art Friday – Old Lawn Shirt

This weeks challenge was to use one of the freebies at Pixel Dust.  I decided to make a collage from photographs from the garden, a vase and the had wheel from a photograph I took of an old steam engine.


Layer 1 Old Lawn Shirt 100% opacity Normal Blending

Layer 2-6 Wheel  100% opacity Hard Light Blending (different placements)

Layer 7 Clipping Mask using Posterize

Layer 8 Right Hand Side Leaf 100% opacity Overlay Blending

Layer 9 Left Hand Side Leaf 100% opacity Lighten Blending

Layer 10 Vase 100% opacity Hard light Blending

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12 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Old Lawn Shirt

  1. Kaylene this is quite awesome. Love all that you added and the colors are fabulous! Also enjoyed vistiing your blog. Isn’t it wonderful to be retired and have more time to enjoy all of this. I can hardly wait! Am jealous

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