Sea Shells

The challenge for Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is to use her texture called “Embrace”.  So I have used sea shells and the beginning of a poem by Violet L.Cuslidge.  I did not make many changes just altered the texture a little with Hue and Saturation and had three layers of the shells..2 at Overlay and 1 at Soft Light.  I also used a large deco brush on the background. Click on the Kim Klassen button to view other entries.


Sea Shells

Photo Art Friday

To begin this years “Photo Art Friday” we have the choice of posting a photographs from 2011.  I was fortunate late last year i was using the Macro feature on my camera ( Nikon Coolpix L120) and caputired one of my roses, that became one of my favourites (there are so many). Click on the button in the right-hand-side bar to link to Photo Art Friday to see other entries.



I have some wonderful hibiscus plants in my garden, so it is only natural that the flowers get photographed.  Here I have used the Luminosity blending on the original photograph and “Splendid” texture from Pixeldust.

original Photograph



Pusspuss was the model for my trying out masking hair in Topaz Lab’s Remask.  After this I used Kim Klassen’s “Embrace” texture.  I also used the Dodge tool in her eye and softened the edges etc. with gradient tool.

Pusspuss January 4th, 2012


Portrait of Pusspuss

Seacliff Beach on Christmas Day 2011

It was a beautiful day at Seacliff on Christmas Day, Henk and I had driven to Adelaide to have lunch with family.  Beforehand we went down to see the sea.  I have used texture “Stars” from the “Wonderful Magic” Set by Kim Klassen and it is also published in her Tuesday Texture Challenge.


Seacliff Beach on Christmas Day, 2011

Original Photograph

Steam Engine, Barmera, South Australia

One rainy day Henk and I drove into Barmera to go to the art store and stopped at one of the parks to take photographs of the old machinery. The first is the original photo and the second  is cut and pasted onto a texture called “Skelatmess1” by Skelatmess, and then boosted in Topaz Lab Adjust 5 (HDR).

Steam Engine Barmera

Steam Engine, Barmera