Mandarin orange – #28

I just love old machinery and there is a great collection at a historic village in the next town, so I have used some techniques that I have learnt this week, first I used the cutout under Artistic filter then converted the image to black and white and then added a split tone using the gradient map with blending mode at Colour 100%, used Nik Softaware to add more split tones and then used curves to lighten and darken areas and finally used the Fresco brush (found under brush strokes).

Tractor copy

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4 thoughts on “Mandarin orange – #28

  1. You must have really enjoyed doing this..all those processes and the Nik filter too! The result is fantastic. I like the way you not only brought out the shape of the tractor but the lines and textures- and without losing it too! And of course I love what you did with colour. Thank you for sharing with Mandarin Orange Monday:)

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