Photo Art Friday – Portrait

This week I have used a photograph of my granddaughter and her partner and made it abstract by using two of Bonnie’s textures (Old World and Provence), hard mix blending mode of the photograph and some masking etc.

pdpa Old World texturePortrait

I had a surprise visit from my Granddaughter and her partner last Friday and for the weekend, so I did not get my posting done in time for last Friday. My image contains a photograph of blades on an old piece of machinery, I used PSE 10 Filter Distort/ Polar Coordinates and Bonnies “Over the Ocean” texture.

Abstract over theocean


6 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Portrait

  1. Oh my – the portrait of your grandaughter and her partner is really cool. Bet she loves it! I don’t use Hard Mix often, but sometimes, like this instance, it gives such a great effect!

  2. Both these pieces are very abstract and vibrant. I really like the last one of the blades of grass.
    Hard to see the people in the portrait shot but it’s very interesting.

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