Photo Art Friday – Texture

Bonnie has asked us to use her texture called “Brown Rice Paper”. Here I have applied it twice, once as a background, then placed the leave on top using PSE filter Artistic/cutout and extrude at Hard Light 100%, then placed the texture on top at Colour Burn 43% opacity.

Brown Rice Paper texture

I do apologise if I do not comment on your posting, but I have limited time at the computer due to a carpal tunnel nerve problem. Thank you for visiting.


4 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Texture

  1. What an incredible piece of abstract photo art Kaylene. Thanks for sharing your editing steps! Sorry to hear you are having carpal tunnel nerve issues. Bummer! Are you also suffering from the incredible heat and brush fires we are hearing about in the news? Hope not. Thanks for sharing despite your pain.

  2. Very artistic piece. I like the way you layered the texture on the leaf.
    Sorry to hear you are having CT problems. I’ve had one surgery for CTS but avoided a 2nd surgery after I started taking Vitamin B6 which took away all the symptoms.

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