Photo Art Friday – Our Best

For the last posting for 2012, Bonnie has asked us to choose one of previous works that we consider out best..a hard choice, but this was also something we would put on a coffee book cover.. again a hard choice. So I have chosen a theme called “Angles”, I had to work hard at achieving the right look, I feel this is a strong piece that would attract a person attention to a coffee table book.

angles copy


Many thanks to Bonnie, without her weekly challenges I would not have grown in my art.

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to see other participant’s work at Photo Art Friday.


3 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Our Best

  1. That piece does demand one’s attention. It looks like a scene out of Persia of old. Thank you for sharing your always stellar pieces with Photo Art Friday, Kaylene.

  2. hi, kaylene… i usually find you thru edit me challenge – missed connecting those I’ve met thru there! Your piece is beautiful and serene – love the colors and textures. sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel pain, yet you manage to work thru that to continue your beautiful art. It’s a new year with a new start – i wish you well!

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