Photo Art Friday – Bonnie’s Texture

Bonnie’s challenge was to use her texture “Signed and Sealed”. I used the texture on quite a few images before I ended my experiment with a brown passionfuit leaf. I extracted the leaf from the background, place it over the texture, then placed the texture and used the Transform tool to distort it to sit on the leaf and brushed away some parts, then I used the Distort/Polar coordinates filter on this this layer. Hid this layer and used the same filter on Layer 1 (the texture background), merged these layers and added a black layer and brushed away on merged layer to leave the oval shape. I then put this into Topaz Lab filter and used the HDR filter.

I wonder what you see in the image?

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to see other participant’s work at Photo Art Friday.


8 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Bonnie’s Texture

  1. Wow … the process was complicated, but well worth the effort. This is an amazing piece … has a three dimensional quality and the subtle coloring is gorgeous. As for what I see … I see a lion and a wolf is a whirling skirmish. I know if I looked long enough I would see other things, but I like my first version, so don’t want to lose it. This was a very enjoyable visit.

    Andrea @ FromThe Sol

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