Photo Art Friday – Bonnie’s Texture

Bonnie’s challenge was to use her texture “Leafy Landscape”. I used the texture as a texture as well as a background to my photograph of a lovely angel statue in my garden. The editing was a little complex as the original photograph was bordered on one side by bougainvillea and I had to fiddle with filters and blending modes for the red of the bouganvillea to blend in the texture.


I could not resist a second play, I took a photograph of some flowers that were slightly blurred, so I played around, added some figures from Ztampf’s Danceologie Collage Sheets and added Bonnie’s texture but flipped vertically.

This is the original photograph:

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to see other participant’s work at Photo Art Friday.


12 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Bonnie’s Texture

  1. These are beautiful – including the original photograph. The first has such rich tones and the warmth seems to be enveloping her. We wonder what is just behind her (in the centre). I like the fairyland you have created in the second one. I think I would like to be in that place:)

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