Photo Art Friday – Figures

Bonnie’s challenge was “Figures”, well tongue in cheek “it go figures that a frog would sit on a bench with Waiting written on it”. The texture and photograph are my own and an attempt to create a pyramage, what is that you may ask- it is a stack of the same image and different sizes from large to small.


Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to see other participant’s work at Photo Art Friday.


13 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Figures

  1. Love when you add your sense of humour to your art. I’ve never heard of a pyramage before and really like the effect it creates. Pulling your image out into the frames is evidence of a really accomplished and confident artist … but we already knew that!!! Thanks so much for sharing your work and self with Photo Art Friday.

    btw – I can’t recommend Tolle’s books highly enough. My husband and I have been working together on disidentifying from our over-active minds, resting in stillness and silence, and have enjoyed a new sense of inner peace, physical health, and joy as a result. Let me know what you think when you get a chance to read him.

  2. this is so wonderful!! I love how many extraordinary things I learn just visiting everyone’s posts. sounds like a fun process, this pyramage, and yours is exceptionally clever!!

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