Photo Art Friday – Abstract in Nature

Bonnie’s challenge was to  find abstract art in nature, I am taking a course at The Perfect Picture School of Photography, this week was about altering your nature shots.

 The first layer is a geranium leaf shot with a macro lens, I then duplicated the image and transformed by flipping it horizontally, and then added a Pixeldust filter “Grunge Reality”. The image was converted to black and white. I wonder what you see in the image.

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to see other participant’s work at Photo Art Friday.


13 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Abstract in Nature

  1. I see some sort of alien creature staring back at me. Creepy and wonderful! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your many talents with Photo Art Friday, Kaylene.

  2. Are you taking Fine Art Nature Photography at the PPSOP, and are you on Course 1 or 2. I have finished Course 1 and hopefully will take Course 2 soon. I see an animal in the picture. Fabulous job. Jen

  3. I see a poor little anxiety ridden bird flying for it’s life away from the “mean man” behide it … I’m sorry, it could be a mean women as well, but I thought “mean man” was more dramatic. Love the whole thing … I don’t take courses because I don’t have enough regular time to schedule one in, but I think I would love this course 😉

    Andrea @ From The Sol.

  4. I’m not sure if I left a comment or not. I think this is such a fun piece. So many things to imagine in this piece. I rather like that there does appear to be a face of some kind within your piece. Clever and Creative and quite Artistic.

  5. it’s quite an intrigueing image and i love that it is in black and white as i think that it adds to the mystery of it . . .
    i see a bat in the foreground and a masked face in the background . . .
    this image definately pulls the viewer in and provokes all sorts of story possibilities~!
    well done.


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